About Rocket Road Pictures

The Avaz Brothers

Growing up in Northern Denmark the three brothers, Mehdi, Misam and Milad, initially headed off in three very different directions.

Mehdi, the eldest, became an acclaimed prize-winning photographer with his work on countless magazine covers and platforms all over Scandinavia. Misam became a leader in the telecom industry and Milad, the younger brother, headhunted as a business strategist at one of Denmark’s leading technology investment funds. 

After some years of fine-tuning their skill sets, the brothers found a way to combine their strengths in developing a strategy that will disrupt the European way of making films. Thus, they founded Rocket Road Pictures; a business-first film company, that will produce high quality content with low-budget production methods.


The Mission

Film in Europe is in many ways still considered an art-first endeavor. And, while that mentality definitely is important to maintain in the creation process, it is not the correct mentality for producing.

Rocket Road strives to question every aspect of filmmaking and thus develop best-practices for producing the best possible stories with the least amount of capital needed.

A good example of this is the feature film, While We Live, that has been fully produced with a 12% budget of what an average Danish film costs yet has become one of the highest grossing films in 2017.

Latest Production

While We Live

“Inspired by true events, “While We Live” follows four people in Northern Denmark and how their fates intertwine in a tragic accident.”

The debut film of Rocket Road Pictures, While We Live, had a major release in Danish cinemas October 26th, 2017. After just one week, the film became the highest grossing film with a budget under 500,000 USD in the history of Danish films. Additionally, it receioved wide acclaim from the critics.

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“Inspired by true events, “Collision” tells the story of a family torn apart by tragedy and divorce. The film explores what children go through in such circumstances and the difficult choices parents must make.”

Collision is our second film, and is still in post-production. Expected release is Fall 2019.

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In Production

GROW is a TV-series developed in collaboration with a Danish network. At the heart of the show is the existential dread of modern society. The arena is the gang and drug market of urban Copenhagen.

Vita is our first American film.

A world-renowned cellist cares for her estranged pregnant daughter after she’s diagnosed with a terminal brain disease — determined to help her carry the baby to term.


Mehdi Avaz, Director & Producer
mehdi (at) rocketroadpictures (dot) com

After a succesful career as an award-winning still photographer, Mehdi ventured into moving pictures – starting with commercials, music videos and live shows. Before long, Mehdis passion for fiction arose and his long desire to direct a feature film inspired by a tragic accident from his childhood town became a reality. His debut film “While We Live” has been dubbed the Danish best debut film in decades.

Misam Avaz,  Producer & Manager
misam (at) rocketroadpictures (dot) com

For a long time Misam worked his way up the corporate ladder ultimately becoming a leader in the telecom industry of Denmark. Misam was bitten by the film bug when assisting his brothers from the side lines. Before long he quit his job and joined forces to become the day-to-day manager of Rocket Road Pictures and the producer of the film projects executed by the brothers. He is currently managing the production of our TV-show, GROW.

Milad Avaz, Writer & Producer
milad (at) rocketroadpictures (dot) com

After graduating his masters degree in corporate strategy and economics, Milad was headhunted to a tech investment fund. In 2015 he quit his job in Copenhagen and moved to Los Angeles to follow his new dream of becoming a filmmaker. Milad debuted with a short film that won the official short film festival of Denmark, Ekko Shortlist, and one year later his first feature film “While We Live” had a major cinema release in Denmark.

Jannick Dalgaard,  Production Coordinator
jannick (at) rocketroadpictures (dot) com

After several years as a manager in the retail industry Jannick took off to Norway to fulfill his dream of becoming a ski instructor, when he returned to Copenhagen for the summer he was offered to work as a coordinator producing a short film – A whole new world opened and Jannick suddenly knew where he was supposed to be. After working as Production Manager on the feature film While We Live, there has been no looking back.